Monday, 25 December 2017

QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open: Troubleshooting

If you are facing problems with QuickBooks Desktop, then here is the simple guide to fix these issues. Through this guide, you can easily resolve issues with QuickBooks program, not able to open certain QuickBooks company files or QuickBooks Desktop.

Before starting to troubleshoot the problem

1. Before you start to troubleshoot the problem, ensure that the problem is regarding the company file and not with the program itself. In addition, you should also ensure that QuickBooks is upgraded to the latest version. For this read these steps to update QuickBooks Desktop.

Press Ctrl key and hold it, then double-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon to launch it. 

Note: Hold down the Ctrl key until “No Company Open” window appears in the QuickBooks.

In case the program doesn’t open while pressing the Ctrl key, then read QuickBooks Desktop not starting help guide to fix the problem.

If the application opens up, proceed further.

2. Make sure that there is only one computer system hosting your company file. Disable hosting in all computer systems apart from the server.

Open ‘File’ menu in QuickBooks, and choose ‘Utilities’.

Now click on “Stop hosting multi-user access” option. If this option doesn’t appear, then hosting is disabled currently. 

Now proceed further.

Ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop application is not corrupted. For this, open a sample company file and in case you get an error, then go to Solution 7 for troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop Installation issue.

In case the above steps don’t resolve your issue, then proceed with the following solutions.

Solution #1: Open the Company File Directly from the Application 

If with the above steps you find out that you are facing trouble with only a single company file (and no problem with the program itself), in such a case, most of the time, moving the file to your desktop on Windows PC can resolve the problem if you are having certain folder permission issue.

From the File menu in QuickBooks, choose “Open or restore company.”
Choose the file type of the file you want to open by clicking on the relevant radio button.
Open the file location.
Choose your file, then click on Open. 

Note: If you are trying to open a .QBM, .QBB or .QBX file, then you’ll encounter a prompt asking to choose a location to restore the file.

Solution #2: Don’t let QuickBooks Desktop Windows Open Automatically 

If several windows in your company file are opened, then try to prevent these windows from opening up automatically. Do as follows:

When “No Company Open” screen appears, choose your company file that you want to open.
First, hit ALT key and hold it down, then at the same time, click on Open button.

Note: If a log in QuickBooks window appears, then enter the password and hold down the ALT key, then click OK. Don’t release your finger from ALT until the file opens up completely or any error message appears.

If the company data file opens up without any error, then follow below steps.

Go to Edit menu, and click on Preferences option.
Now click on Desktop View, then choose Don't save the desktop.
Finally, click on OK button.

Solution #3: Rename the .ND and .TLG File Extensions 

In case the ND and TLG files (that are special files to accompany your company data file when opened) get damaged, then rename them to old which help to reopen the company file. Do as follows: 

First of all, go to the folder location where your company file is stored.
Find and right click the TLG file and choose Rename, then name it as [your file name] OLD.qbw.TLG. The name of the file will be same as the file with .tlg extension. Do the same to rename .ND file also.
Now QuickBooks will generate new .ND and .TLG files, when you open company file.


Don’t delete .TLG files as you can use it to recover any lost data.

When moving your company file to another computer from a computer, then always remember to copy the .tlg file with company file to avoid any error.

Solution #4: Copy your Company Data File to a New Storage Location 

In case the company file is on a network drive, then copy the file to your local drive on your PC. If this file opens successfully, then check your network settings & configurations. For help download QuickBooks File Doctor. Do as follows: 

In the C:/ drive on your PC, make a new folder.

Go to the folder location where company data file is stored.

Now hold down the Ctrl key and simultaneously choose your company file (one with .qbw extension) and its corresponding .TLG file.

Next, after selecting the files right-click your mouse and choose Copy option.

Go to the new folder then paste these files here. 

Note: In case you are unable to copy paste the file to a new storage location and the file is shared on the network, then somebody might be utilizing the file. If so, ask that user to sign off the file and try copying the file again.

Solution #5: Check File Extension and Properties 

Go to the location where company file is stored.

Now right-click on the file, then choose Properties option.

Next, ensure that the file is of QuickBooks Company type and its size is not less than 7MB.

Now click on the Advanced option, then ensure that the boxes besides the Encrypt and Compress attributes are not checked (selected).

Click on OK.

At times, a file may have a wrong file extension, know more about file extensions that QuickBooks Desktop uses.

Solution #6: Rename your Company File

Go to the file location where the company file is stored.

Now right-click mouse on the file and choose Rename from the menu.

Modify the company name and give a name that should not exceed 3 letters. 


While renaming the file, please don’t modify the file extension (such as .qbw, .qbb, etc).

Also, if there is corresponding .TLG file, rename it too.

Note: In case the file doesn’t show 3 letter extension or an icon, or in case it’s showing wrong file extension or icon, then edit the extension of the file depending on the file type. Read more about file extensions that QuickBooks Desktop uses.

Solution #7: Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Application Installation Problem

If you can, then try to move the company file to any other computer. In case the file opens successfully on the other computer, then the problem might be with the QuickBooks program or the computer itself.

Follow the below steps to test the company file:

First of all, launch the QBInstall tool.

Next, Repair QuickBooks installation.

If you are still facing problem in opening QuickBooks company file or any other tech glitches with QuickBooks, then contact our QuickBooks tech service specialists for instant help.